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Whoa it’s been forever…

Not that anyone cares…just saying.

Might start posting again on projects etc that are ongoing.

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Digital Signage Project – Corel Studio Edits

The digital signage project continues to flourish. I just got a little piece of software (for free ..legit though which is always the best). Messed around a little bit with the length of each slide. Going from about 5-6sec to 10 to allow your eye to really scan the slide.

The previous edition I had at 5 just for review sake and to get it up and running to see what the slides would all look like.

Now that I see they look pretty good I can move on to developing the slides a bit more.

Here’s a preview of what I’ve got running now.

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HBW Digital Signage Project

This project has been in the making for a little while now. The first step was acquiring the monitors and necessary mounting hardware.

Figure out the locations in the front office we wanted to mount them and commence with the mounting. Boom, done

IMG_0027 IMG_0034


Wire in the monitors (neatly)

IMG_0048 IMG_0970 IMG_0971 IMG_0977

Build the Server

IMG_1142 2013-02-19 19.21.33

Wire in the Server

Develop the presentation for the digital signage server we built

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Implement the presentation

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Work Music

What do you find yourself listening to at work?

I’m sitting here after work….it was a good day I must say. But just getting a head start before our busy Friday delivery day.

What do I do? I work as a production manager (think project manager just with quicker turn around times) for Harrison Body Works located in Richmond, VA. I was presented with this opportunity to learn business from the ground up directly from the owner himself. It pays to know people …and a lot of life really does come down to who you know. I can hardly believe I’ve been here almost 3 years already. The weeks fly by, it’s unreal.

Catching up on a little paperwork so I have more time to be out on the shop floor. Currently listening to some house music.

If you like electronica, this is some that I’ve collected while listening to (a great digital / electronic music station- free, no sign up nadda), Austria and my travels, and just a few from other people.

Here’s my Electronica playlist (scroll to the bottom 5 or so for the most resent / current likes)

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Apartment – Painting Furniture, Make it like new

Last weekend I was up in Northern VA to visit my mother and do a little shopping for the apartment. My roommate is moving out and I will be taking over the lease! Which means it’s allllll mine. I’ve had a roommate for long enough and this will just be so nice to do. It feels right, and that is always a plus.

My mom actually bought a whole new bedroom set this past weekend so some of the furniture in the house….needed to go. If only there was someone that was in need of furniture, maybe for like a new apartment etc. Oh, okay…maybe that’d be me?!

Courtesy of Momma Cookson I was able to make away with:

Brimes Day Bed – Brimes day bed

Malm Bed – Malm full bed.

The Malm bed is in the room where my mom’s old bedroom set is now to be and the day bed is in her new work out room (first of all go mom!) and secondly, thank you! Since there really wasn’t enough space for everything some of it had to go šŸ™‚

Now that I’m back in Richmond and at the shop I figured why not paint the new-to-me furniture with Automotive paint. I have seen it done before, and my mom even commented that she had seen it done on some of the decorating shows she watches. Well, here we go:

2013-03-16 09.56.09 2013-03-16 09.56.15 2013-03-16 09.56.21 2013-03-16 10.01.55 2013-03-16 10.03.31 2013-03-16 10.04.39 2013-03-16 10.18.43 2013-03-16 10.18.48 2013-03-16 10.18.55 2013-03-16 10.18.59 2013-03-16 10.19.02 2013-03-16 10.19.08 2013-03-16 10.39.35 2013-03-16 10.39.50


That’s just the day bed. The two bookcases I got and the bed bed are next.

Stay tuned.

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HBW Server Project – Digital Signage Server Upgrades

$25 bucks and a little bit of time and our Digital Signage server got a good bit of an upgrade. I needed to get an operating system on the machine and had a copy of W7 Professional laying around, but only one problem. The computer was running a 32-bit CPU. So, no problem. A little search on the motherboard and compatible CPU’s that it could take and I had a CPU ordered and on it’s way.


  • Intel Pentium 4 670
  • 3.8 GHz
  • 2M L2 Cache
  • 800MHZ CPU
  • Socket 775

2013-03-12 15.43.19 2013-03-12 15.47.07 2013-03-12 15.47.12


It’s currently installed running Folding @ Home while I finish the first part of our digital signage project here at work.

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HBW Server Project – Rack Organization (Upkeep)

You can see below how easy it is for just a few cables to make the back look like a complete mess. And this is nothing compared to some pictures I’ve seen online. Neatness and organization are definitely an important factor anytime you’re cabling. You really want to keep things as neat and organized as possible for easy identification. And I can say that since I’ve implemented the patch panel / re-done the wiring, it has made finding andĀ diagnosingĀ problems 10x easier!

So I took about 2 hrs and and just temporarily neatened up the back of the rack.

From this:

2013-03-12 17.56.57


To This:

2013-03-12 19.10.15



Next on the list was the right side. I wired both of theĀ EthernetĀ ports when I ran the wiring originally. Looking back at it it’s really not that hard to run a new set of cables the way I’m doing it now. Which is to not run them through the rack. Doing it through the rack just makes it harder than it really needs to be.

Vertical Cable Management will be put in place on the back of the rack in the near future. So I undid all the routing and routed it right at the back so when we do put in the vertical cable management I can just cut the zip ties and put the cable manager in.

So, what you’re seeing below is me undoing the routing for theĀ EthernetĀ cables that go to the servers and routing it on the backside of the rack.

2013-03-12 19.21.56




2013-03-12 19.50.45Ā